Friday, July 31, 2009

My Man

A long walk, holding hands with you,
A passionate kiss on ur cheeks,
Drops of heart-felt tears on your shoulders,
Late night conversation with you,
Smile on my face on hearing your name,
Few blushes when you are around,
Living just to see you live happy,
Sharing ice cream with you from the same cup,
Watching sunsets on the sea shore with you,
Putting myself in your sweater with you in winters,
Walking under one umbrella with you, in rain,
Missing you even during the time when my eye wings,
Loving you for just the way you are,
Impulsively searching for you, when a person with the same deo as urs crosses by,
Creating opportunities to talk about you, atleast by complaining about you to my friends,
Starting to like all what you like,
Hating to see all that you hate,
The pleasure of having felt very special, coz of u,
Few possessive fights with you,
A lot of innocent white lies from you,
Few songs dedicated exclusively to you,
Personifying my future to be you,
Feeling entirely secure in your presence,
A man soo completely mine!!!!
Where are you?? How much I miss u!!!!
If you already have a broken love or if you are still single, my man don't WORRY!! It is all my prayers!!!!