Monday, December 7, 2009

Adieu Luv!!!

O Luv, U r so volatile n lyfless!! Scientific definition of 'ENERGY', says it can neither be created nor destroyed, but it transforms from one form to another.. so are u!! but u r transformed from one heart to another! One's luv today, passes on to someone else n d next day to somebody else and the link continues. Though my mind knows this simple logic, my heart doesn't..It jus can't take d fact that, to prove this simple logic, it had to go away from me and never come back to me!! Can somethin be as minacious as u, o luv!?!?

Dear luv, how much i loved u, how much i possessed u, how much i cherished u, how many times i wud have sacrificed things for u, how many times i would have run behind u like a puppy, how unconditionally i would have wooed u??? N you do this to me?? Jus to prove this simple logic!!??!! U shifted from one heart to another.. No wonder u r heartless yourself!! u r such a mean thing on earth!!

I am soo much lost into this vicious cycle, that i keep giving it, hope i get it back sometime, someday... in d process, i have become a bankrupt emotionally!!! Now, I realise, giving alone is not love.. its mutual.. I don't mean to say that luv is a barter system, where i give somethin n get somethin in return for that.. but nor is it a charity where i alone give.. Now i am left with no more of u!! Will u turn back to me?? will you gimme atleast 10% of what i gave u, Luv??? I know, even if u can, u wont and nor will i take it!! U r heartless!! How will u understand this weepin heart's moans! No wonder people call u blind!! U can't see my sufferings.. How best could it be proved!! I don need you anymore.. I am forcing myself out of your cunning concatenation.... I am no longer a part of you.. I no longer need you and m sure so is the case wit u!!

Good Bye Luv..
Good Bye Forever..
I dont wanna see you again!!!

I strongly feel that i have enuf hearts who care for me, but many times life proves that its jus my imagination!!!

Edhuvume worth illa!!!

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  1. oye , I am not really sure about your "love transfer " equation ...But I can understand what u r going through...simple and honest writing...loved the flow of it ..and its not the end of story yet ellame worth thaan !!! keep rocking and as always keep writing